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Namibia Government Ministries & Office of the President
  Office of the President

State House Robert Mugabe Ave
Private Bag 13339
Windhoek, Namibia
His Excellency The President, Tel: 270 7111


Department of Presidential Affairs and Personnel


Under Secretary & Personnel, Tel: 270 711


Department of State House and Administration


Under Secretary & Personnel Tel: 270 7111


  PARLIAMENT National Assembly
National Council


Private bag 13323, Windhoek
Speaker and Personnel, Tel: 288 9111
  Private Bag 13371, Windhoek
Chairman & Personnel, Tel: 280 3111
  Office of The Prime Minister, Private bag 13338,
Prime Minister Tel: 287 9111
Office of the Auditor- General


Metropolitan Building, Bulow street
Private Bag 13299, Windhoek
Auditor General & Personnel, Tel: 23 7443
Namibia Central Intelligence Service


Private Bag 13288, Windhoek
Director- General & Personnel, Tel: 207 1111
National Planning Commission



Government Office Park, Luther street
Private bag 13356, Windhoek
Director- General & Permanent Secretary Personnel,
Tel: 283 4111
Central Statistics Office



Government Office Park, Luther street
Private Bag 13356
Director and Personnel, Tel: 283 4111


  Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development
  Government Office Park, Luther street,
Private Bag 13184, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 208 7111
Directorate of Veterinary Services Director, Tel: 208 7111, Secretary, Tel: 208 7513
Department of Water Affairs Private Bag 13193, Windhoek
Directorate of Rural Water Supply


Director, Tel: 208 7555


  Ministry of Basic Education, Sport & Culture
  Government Office Park, Luther street
Private Bag 13186, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 293 3111


Namibian Library & Information Services



Head Office, Government Office Park, Luther street
Private Bag 13186, Windhoek
Director, Tel: 293 3180
Community Library Services


Korner street, Senior Librarian, Tel: 293 5257


Education Library Services


Korner street, Chief Librarian, Tel: 293 5282


Ministerial Library Services



Government Office Park, Luther street
Senior Librarian, Tel: 293 3166


National Library




Eugene Marais street
Private Bag 13349, Windhoek
Enquiries, Tel: 293 5111


Public / Community Library



4 Luderitz street
Private Bag 13183, Windhoek
Librarian, Tel: 22 4899


National Archives



Eugene Marais street
Private Bag 13250, Windhoek
Enquiries, Tel: 293 5211


  Ministry of Defence
  Sam Nujoma Ave
Private Bag 13307, Windhoek
All sections, Tel: 204 9111


  Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  Swabou Building, 7 Post St Mall
Private Bag 13346, Windhoek
All sections, Tel: 284 2111


  Ministry of Finance
  Fiscus Building
Private Bag 13295, Windhoek
All sections, Tel: 209 9111
State Revenue


Inland Revenue
Private Bag 13185, Windhoek
Head Office, Commissioner and staff, Tel: 209 9111
Customs & Excise


Fiscus Building, John Meinert street
Private Bag 13295, Windhoek
Head Office, Director & staff, Tel: 209 9111


  Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
  Brendan Simbwaye Square, Block C
C/O Uhland & Goethe street
Private Bag 13355, Windhoek
Head Office (Switchboard), Tel: 205 3911, 205 3101


  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Government Building, Robert Mugabe Ave
Private Bag 13347, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 282 9111


  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  Government Building, Robert Mugabe Ave
Private Bag 13344, Windhoek
Deputy Minister Information & Broadcasting,
Tel: 283 9111


  Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Employment  Creation
  Government Office Park, Luther street
Private Bag 13391, Minister, Tel: 270 6111 
Educational Institutions    
Rundu College of Education,

Tel: (066) 25 5699
Box 88, Rundu


College for the Arts,

Box 2963, Windhoek
Head and Personnel, Tel: 22 5841


Caprivi College of Education,

Tel: (066) 25 3422
Private Bag 1069, Katima Mulilo


Katutura Teachers Centre Resource,

Tel: 21 6821
Hostel street, Box 60169, Katutura


Windhoek College of Education,

Private Bag 13317,
Andrew Kloppers road, Khomasdal
All sections, Tel: 270 3111


Ongwediva College of Education,

Tel: (065) 23 0001
Private Bag X5507, Oshakati


Okakarara Vocational Training Centre,

Tel: (067) 31 7069
Private Bag 2112, Okakarara


Rundu Vocational Training Centre,

Tel: (066) 25 5211
Private Bag 2081, Rundu


Zambezi Vocational Training Centre,

Tel: (066) 25 3264
Private Bag 1064, Katima Mulilo


Valombola Vocational Training Centre,

Tel: (065) 23 0033
Private Bag X5516, Oshakati


  Ministry of Home Affairs
  Cohen Building, Kasino street
Private Bag 13200, Windhoek
Switchboard: enquiries, Tel: 292 2111
Department of Civic Affairs



Cohen Building, Kasino street
Private Bag 13200, Windhoek
Under Secretary, Tel: 292 2111
The National Forensic Science Laboratory


Bastion 2, 2 Tal street
Private Bag 13293, Windhoek
Director & Personnel, Tel: 204 2308


Eros, Airport, T: 23 9850
Hosea Kutako International Airport, T: (062) 54 0267
Namibian Police




Inspector General Head Office and Security Branch
Lazarett street
Private Bag 12024, Ausspannplatz
Police Head Office, Tel: 209 3111
Traffic Department




Allan street
Private Bag 13192, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek
Traffic Control Offices, Tel: 26 2901


  Ministry of Prisons & Correctional Services
  5th floor, Brendan Simbwaye Square, Goethe street
Private Bag 13281, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 284 6111


  Ministry of Justice
  Justitia Building, Independence Ave
Private Bag 13248, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 280 5111
Office Of The Prosecutor- General


Private Bag 13191, Windhoek
Prosecutor- General & Staff, Tel: 23 9880
Supreme Court



Rev Michael Scott street
Private Bag 13179, Windhoek
The Honourable Chief, Tel: 22 4364
High Court



Luderitz street
Private Bag 13179, Windhoek
Registrar & Staff, Tel: 23 9880
Magistrate's Court



Private Bag 13181, Windhoek
Divisional Magistrate & Staff, Tel: 320 1111


  Ministry Of Labour
  32 Mercedes street
Private Bag 19005, Khomasdal, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 206 6111
Office Of The Labour Commissioner



249- 582 Borgward street, Khomasdal, Windhoek
Labour Commissioner, Tel: 21 2309


  Ministry Of Lands, Resettlement and Rehabilitation
  Brendan Simbwaye Square, Goethe street
Private Bag 13343, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 285 2111
Directorate Resettlement and Rehabilitation



Metje Behnsen Building
Private Bag 13343, Windhoek
Deputy Minister, Tel: 25 7104
Directorate Of Survey & Mapping



Robert Mugabe Ave
Private Bag 13182, Windhoek
All sections, T: 24 5055
Office Of The Surveyor- General



Robert Mugabe Ave
Private Bag 13182, Windhoek
Surveyor- General, Tel: 24 5056
 Office Of The Registrar Of Deeds



Robert Mugabe Ave
Private Bag 13256, Windhoek
Registrar of Deeds, Tel: 24 5054
  Ministry Of Mines and Energy
  Mines & Energy Building, 1 Aviation Road
Private Bag 13297, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 284 8111
Geological Survey Of Namibia



Mines & Energy Building, 1 Aviation Road
P.O. Box 2168, Windhoek
Director and all sections, Tel: 208 5111


  Ministry Of Regional and Local Government and Housing
  Government Office Park, Cluster D1 West,
Luther street
Private Bag 13289, Windhoek
Minister & Personnel, Tel: 297 5111


  Ministry Of Trade and Industry
  Head Office, Block B Brendan Simbwaye Square,
Goethe street
Private Bag 13340, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 283 7111
Directorate Of International Trade Director 283 7111  
Directorate Of Industrial Development Director 283 7111  
Directorate Internal Trade Director 283 7111   
Department Of Investment Centre


Under Secretary 283 7111


  Ministry Of Women Affairs and Child Welfare
  Juvenis Building, Independence Ave
Private Bag 13359, Windhoek
Minister, Tel: 283 3111


  Ministry Of Works, Transport and Communication
  Bell Street
Private Bag 13341, Windhoek
Telegraphic Address: NAMTRANS
Minister, Tel: 208 8111
Directorate: Civil Aviation


Private Bag 12003, Windhoek
Director: Civil Aviation, Tel: 208 8800
Directorate: Maritime Affairs


Private Bag 12005, Ausspannplatz
Telegraphic Address: NAMTRANS
All sections, Tel: 208 9111
Department Of Administration and Centralized Support  Services


Private Bag 12005, Ausspannplatz
Telegraphic Address: NAMTRANS
Under Secretary, Tel: 208 8815

  Important Info    You should understand exactly  what is required for entry into Namibia.

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Links In This Category : Please read and understand the information pages from the below links. The Namibia Immigration authorities are efficient. Should your documentation not be in order you will be refused entry.

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Foreign Countries Having Diplomatic Representation in Namibia

Applying For Temporary Work or Study Permits

Namibia Constitution of the Republic of Namibia

Namibia Border Entry Posts

Your Awareness and Safety

Namibia Holidays & School Terms

South African Holidays & School Terms

Namibia Banks & Currency etc.

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Useful Information

Applying For Namibia Citizenship



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