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Regulations related to the exploitation of Marine Resources, made in terms of section 61 (1) of the new Marine Recourses Act, (Act No 27 of 2000), came into force on the 1st august 2001 and amended on 7th December 2001. A large number of visitors enjoy recreational fishing along the coast. It is then important the general public takes note of some relevant aspects of the new Marine Resources Regulations. Conservation measure include inter-alia the following:


Regulation 5:  Permits

(1) A person, who for recreational purposes harvest in Namibian waters must:

(a) be in possession of a fishing permit, and

(b) carry out such harvesting, subject to the conditions prescribed by these regulations.


(2) A person referred to in sub regulation (1) who is found without a fishing permit-

(a) Is guilty of an offence; and

(b) must produce that permit within a period of 21 days from the date on which the person pays the fine prescribed in regulation 39(h)(iii) in respect of a failure to comply with sub regulation (1)(a)


(3) A person, who fails to produce a fishing permit within the period of time prescribed by sub regulation (2) is guilty of an offence.


Regulation 6: Means Of Harvest For Recreational Purpose

(1) A person may not for recreational purposes harvest marine resources by any means other than -

(a) A hook and line, whether operated by a rod and reel or other wise, and using a scoop net to lift rock lobsters from the water once they have been reeled to the surface.

(b) a ring net; or

(c) diving.


Regulation 7:  Issuance Of Recreational Fishing Permits

(1) A fishing permit for recreational purposes referred to in regulation 5(a) must be issued by the Minister or by any person authority authorized thereto by the Minister, if that person authority agrees to do so.


(2) A fishing permit -

(a) Must be issued in the form set out in the Annexure L; and

(b) May be issued for a period of either one month or one year and may be obtained upon payment of a fee determined by the Minister as illustrated below.

One month against payment of N$14.00

One year against payment of N$168.00

Fishing permit for recreational purposes is now available at the below listed places:


1. Windhoek

Ministry of Fisheries Marine Rsrcs

Brendan Simbwaye Square, Block c,

Cnr. of Uhland and Goethe Streets

P/Bag 13355, Windhoek

Tel: 061 2053911

fax: 061 240412


2. Walvis Bay

Ministry of Fisheries Marine Resources

Inspectorate Office, 1st Street

PO Box 1594

Walvis Bay

Tel: 064 2016111

Fax: 064 205008


3. Swakopmund

Ministry of Fisheries Marine Resources

NATMIRC / Aquarium, Strand Street

PO Box 912


Tel: 064 4101000

Fax: 064 404385


4. Luderitz

Ministry of Fisheries Marine Rsrcs

Inspectorate Office

PO Box 394


Tel: 063 202905

Fax: 063 203337


5. Henties Bay

The Police Station

Tel: 064 500201

Fax: 064 500889






Important Notice:

However, we have noted that some anglers are not bringing the required documentation when purchasing the permits. We urge the public top produce Identity cards (ID) or Passport for intended permit holders. Anglers under the age of 18yrs, are required to produce birth certificates and passport photos in order for them to be issued with a fishing permit.


Regulation 8:  Daily Bag Limit

(1) A person may not, for recreational purposes in one-day harvest more than -

(a) 30 fish of the species Barbel

(b) 20 fish of the species Snoek

(c) 1 (one) Shark

(2) Subject to sub-regulation (3) and 11 (1) a person may for recreational purposes harvest any of the following species of fish:

(a) Blacktail

(b) Galjoen

(c) Kob

(d) West Coast Steenbras

Provided that the total number of fish harvested does not exceed 10 in any one day.

(3) A person may not harvest any species of fish referred to in sub-regulation (2), which is smaller or larger, as the case may be, than the size specified in annexure K For the purpose of sub-regulation 8 (3), the species referred to in regulation 8 (2) may not, including head and tail, be shorter than -

(a) 25cm in the case of Blacktail

(b) 30 cm in the case of Galjoen

(c) Subject to 2 (a), 40cm in the case of Kob; and

(d) Subject to paragraph (b) 40cm in the case of West Coast Steenbras.

Notwithstanding paragraph 1 (c) and (d), a person harvesting for recreational purposes may not in one-day harvest -

(a) More than 2 individuals of Kob that are each longer that 70cm including the head and tail;

(b) More than 2 individuals of West Coast Steenbras that are each longer than 65cm including the head and tail.

(4) A person may not -

(a) Harvest more than 7 Rock Lobsters in one0day; or

(b) Accumulate or have in his or her possession more than 7 Rock Lobsters.


Regulation 11: Possession and Transport of Marine Resources

(1) A person may not have in his or her possession or transport in a vehicle or vessel any quantity of marine resources caught for recreational purposes-

(a) Which exceeds the accumulated bag of more than 3 days in respect of the fish referred to in sub-regulation 8 (2) The accumulated bag of 30 fish does not contain more than 10 fish of one particular species of fish and -

(b) Without being in possession of a fishing permit.


(2) A person may have in his or her possession or transport in a vehicle or vessel fish referred to in regulations 8 (1) and (2), or rock lobsters referred to in regulation 8 (4), on behalf of another person on whose behalf the fish or rock lobsters are being transported, is present and is in possession of a fishing permit.


(3) A person may not have in his or her possession or transport in a vehicle or vessel fish which is not in a whole state, if that fish is subjected to size limits referred to in regulation 8(3)


Rock Lobster:

The fishing season and minimum size remain unchanged, i.e. 1st November to 30th April both days included and 65mm carapace length respectively. The maximum number, a person may catch and retain, is to seven (7) rock lobster per day per permit holder. No more than seven (7) rock lobster per permit holder shall be transported at any time in or on the vehicle and such lobster shall be in a whole state. A person may not harvest any rock lobster between sunset and sunrise.


Fishing Areas For Recreational Purposes:

Fishing for recreational purposes is now allowed in only the following areas:

  • Terrace Bay and Torra Bay
  • From the Ugab River to Walvis Bay
  • From Pelican Point to Sandwich Harbor
  • From the Southern limits of Diaz Point to Grosses Bucht
  • From Pomona Island to the Orange River


Regulation 9:

A person may not use -

(a) Use a bait or have in his or her possession any Annelid Worms. (Worms are Prohibited)

(b) Collect any red bait by cutting or in any other way dislodging the red bait from the subtract, except red bait which has been washed up on the seashore.



Fishing permit for recreational purposes must be presented to Fisheries Inspectors during inspections or on request.

(Source:  Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources -  Jan  2008)


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