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NAMIBIA TOURISM BOARD, NTB. Information for Namibia Tourism Related Operators. Registering a Regulated Business and Fees.


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Namibia Tourism Board Information:

Registering a Regulated Business & Fees


Application for Registration of a Regulated Business:





An application in term of section 24 of the Act for the registration of a regulated business must be made in the approved form and be accompanied by




proof of the applicant's right of occupation of the premises, if any, from which the regulated business will be operated;





a certified copy of any permit, approval or other form of authorisation which the applicant is required to obtain from any authority, other the Board, in terms of any other law




to conduct the category of regulated business to which the applications relates; or




to render any service or carry out any other business or activity in or in association with the regulated business


    or if an application for such a permit, approval or authorisation is pending, proof to the satisfaction of the Board that the application has been made, with particulars of the nature thereof;





in the case of the applicant being a company or close corporation, a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation of the company or the close corporation;




a written statement setting out the activities, facilities and services to be provided to clients;





if an environmental impact assessment plan is required to be submitted for approval to any authority in terms of any law in respect of a business operation or activity, proof of such approval accompanied by a copy of the plan;




a safety and emergency response plan setting out particulars of equipment and appliances to be provided and  measure to be applied in relation to a particular activity offered by the regulated business




for the safety of clients participating in the activity; and




to deal with an emergency that may arise from the participation of clients in the activity


  (g) any other information or documents prescribed by the regulations or which the Board requires in connection with the application; and


the appropriate application fee (see Annexe1).


2. If  it is proposed to provide in connection with any activity of the regulated business




a service for the transport of clients, either as an integral part of the activity as a courtesy service or for recreational or any other purposes' the application in terms of sub-regulation (1) must be accompanied by proof that the applicant has taken out general passenger liability insurance cover with a registered insurer for a minimum amount of N$2.5 million






any service for the recreation of guests to be carried out under the guidance or supervision of a staff member or any other person engaged for that purpose, the application in terms of sub-regulation (1) must be liability insurance cover, including professional indemnity cover, with a registered insurer for a minimum amount of N$2.5 million


The Definitions of Operators and the Requirements for Registration, and the Obligations of Registered Operators:  to be complied with by registered operators are as prescrib4ed in the annexes to these regulations, as follows:


"Operator" in relation to a regulated business, means the person -




by whom or on whose behalf the regulated business is conducted or is to be conducted, whatever the nature or extent of that person's interest in the business may be; or


(b) who for the time being receives, or is entitled to receive, the proceeds of the profits arising from the regulated business.


Annexure 1:




Annexure 2:




Activity Operators means persons conducting business to provide recreational facilities, equipment and training to tourists in relation to tourist-related activities such as horse riding, air-ballooning, boat trips, dolphin cruises, white-water rafting, quad biking or other similar activities.


Annexure 3: 




Air-Charter Operators means persons conducting business by provided non-scheduled air flight service to tourists for scenic tours, transport to tourist destinations for other recreational purposes, either with or without the provision of the services of a pilot.


Annexure 4: 




Booking Agents means persons conducting business by providing services for making bookings or reservations for travel by air, road or sea or for accommodation at hotels or other accommodation establishments on behalf of tourists or any sector of the tourism industry;


Annexure 5: 




Conference Centre Operator means persons conducting business by providing facilities, equipment and services for the holding of conferences, not being a facility that form part of and is conducted by a registered accommodation establishment.


Annexure 6: 



Foreign Tour Operators means persons conducting business from a base elsewhere than in Namibia and providing services for bringing tourists from a foreign country to tourist destinations within Namibia.


Annexure 7:



Shuttle and Transport Operators means persons conducting business for providing services for transporting tourists.


Annexure 8: 







Tour Facilitators means persons conducting business for providing services for planning and arranging all-inclusive tour packages for tourists, either fixed tour programmes or customised tour programmes to suit the preferences of individual tourists, with respect to itinerary, destinations and accommodation and if provision for the transportation of clients is included, such transportation is provided by means of motor vehicles specially hired for the particular purpose by the tour facilitator or provided by a tour and safari operator with whom arrangements have been made by the facilitator for transportation the clients.


Annexure 9:







Tour and Safari Operators means persons conducting business from a base in Namibia by providing services for the planning and arranging of a combination of various tourist-related services as a cohesive programme for purchase directly from the operator or through a booking agent and includes services and facilities such as sightseeing tours, transport to tourist destinations, guides and meals, as well as the provision of accommodation to clients for the duration of a tour in facilities provided by the operator or in registered accommodation establishments.


Annexure 10:



Trophy Hunting Operators means persons conducting business by providing services and facilities to tourists for hunting game for trophy purposes.


Annexure 11:


Vehicle Rental Operators means persons conducting business by providing services to tourists for hiring motor vehicles for travel, either with without inclusion of the services of a driver to operate the vehicle
Annexe No.  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  

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