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Namibia-1on1 Group Advertising: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


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Namibia-1on1 Group Advertising: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Welcome to the questions page. It' a page created from the questions that customer's ask us, so you can feel comfortable here, and if there's something in our advertising section that you don't understand. please feel free to email us.  Also if you consider that there's a marketing gap that we might be overlooking you are welcome to write us on that too. This whole group of sites has been, and continues be developed in response to both the viewer and advertiser's want and needs. There's an area lower down the page where you can write in with your questions


   Level 1 Advertising Questions:  

Q. What is the procedure for placing a Directory Level advertisement with you?

A. Basically as follows:

Sponsored Listing Only:

  1. You submit the Online Order Form to us.
  2. Our sales staff will email you requesting your contact details to be displayed, along with your required upload date.
  3. On receipt of this information we will process your Entry and email you our invoice
  4. On receipt of payment we will upload your advert on the agreed date
  5. Contract periods are for 1 year from agreed upload date.

Prestige Listings:

  1. Your submit the Online Order Form to us.
  2. Our sales staff will email you requesting a copy of a suitable image that you wish to be displayed along with your description of services offered etc. (between 40 to 60 words). And with regards to any Add-Ons, such as Map and  Brochure  Services.
  3. We will process your Entry and email you our invoice
  4. On receipt of payment of invoice we will email a proof of your advertisement to you.
  5. When the proof is acceptable to you we will process your advert ready for upload on an agreed date.
  6. Contract periods are for 1 year from agreed upload date.

Q .If I sell my business can I cancel my contract and get a rebate?

A. No. Our cost structure is based on 1 year contracts. If we accepted lesser periods this would increase our costs.


Q. If I sell my business can I transfer my advertising contract with the business to the new owners?

A. Yes. And at no charge on the proviso that the advert remains unchanged. Should the new owners require any changes to the advert, e.g. a name change. They should contact us. Any small adjustments to advertisement are charged at a nominal fee of N$75


Q. Do your indicated prices for placing advertisements include the VAT?

A. No.


Q. What payment methods can I use to settle my invoice.

A. (1) Preferably Online banking payment. Please email us a copy of the pdf confirmation of payment.

    (2) Direct deposit into our bank account. Please email of fax to us a copy of the bank deposit slip.

    (3) Credit Card. MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club.

    (4) Cheques, but only from Namibia based banks. Your advertisement will only be upload once it cleared with our bankers.

    (5) Cash. Direct deposits into our bank account can be made using this method.


Q. I want to get my advert to the top of the page. How can I do this?

A. We operate on a "First Come First Served" basis. Our view is that the clients who supported our pages us in our early days of business and secured the higher places must be respected, and I ask you to read on. Trust us, we'll never place your advert in a position where it won't get viewed. The important thing for you to know is that you should supply us with an image/ photograph along with wording that contains enough information to attract the viewer to your particular advert.


Q. I have 3 businesses. If I advertise all 3 with you can I have a discount. And if I pay cash?

A. No. Our prices are strictly as displayed. All work is invoiced for as priced. You'll find us straight and fair in our dealings.


Q. I have an email address, but not a web-site? I'm not quite sure what is involved in getting a web-site for my company. What costs are involved in having a web-site ?

A. OK. It's not such a big deal, but in order that you can get the best value from any online advertising campaign you will need at least an "Advertorial Page" with photos and a description and possibly a price list which can then be displayed on the site/s. This is one way you could get up-and-running-quickly.


Q. Do you build web sites for clients.

A. Yes. Should you want to advertise with the Namibia-1on1 group of information-sites, but don't yet have a web-site of your own, as a customer service, we do offer a complete service that will suite your needs.



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If You have a question that you feel should be added here please email us using the form below.
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