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You can see that we've put a lot of research and work into creating these sites. We learned that The Market needed a Complete Information Service. By doing so we are becoming The Namibia Online Information Reference Source.       Below are few of the emails we receive from a cross-selection of our viewers. It's encouraging to know that we've got it right and are 'Getting The Message About Namibia Out There'. You're in good hands when you come-on-board with us. And, this is just a start.




Wow guys !!!!!!!!  Congratulations on a VERY VERY good website!!!!  I’ve been looking for this information about Namibia all over the internet and last night I found your site and links.  Thanks soo much for a very informative up to date information. 8 of us are going in September. (only 36 sleeps to go)   It will only make my visit to Namibia even more pleasurable and confident.


Thanks again!!!!!  Good work !!!





While researching my family’s history on the internet, I came across your history of Duwisib Castle. Jayta von Wolf was my great-uncle Frederick Humphries’ sister and is something of a legend in our family, as you can well imagine. I was wondering whether I might have access to the text and photos on your web site. Normally, one can “right-click” on a photo and save it for later use or highlight text to copy it. I was not able to do either if these two things on your web site. Any help you might provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you for your time.




Jeff Fears


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a student who is hoping to visit Namibia this summer. I was very much impressed with your site and think it is an absolutely fantastic resource, but would love to access the pdf versions of your articles so that I may be able to print them out and take them with me. I would be enormously grateful if this were possible. I've tried using the online forms to make this request but it seems to always crash. I thought maybe emailing you may be a viable alternative. The online form asks for a password - the password 'nicholas' would be fantastic. I'm hoping to start in Windhoek, then make my way through Etosha, then down the Skeleton coast, through Swapkomund and Sossusvlei, all the way down to Aus, where I'd like to try and see Luderitz and Fish River Canyon. It should be an amazing trip!
Very many thanks, and thank you also for putting up such a fantastic site.
All the very best,
Nick Green


Dear Sirs,

My name is Ricardo Barbosa, I am Portuguese and I'm presently teaching a seminar in Warsaw University about the portuguese navigations during the discoveries. 

I found your page about Bartolomeu Dias when I was looking for informations about the shipwreck that was found near Oranjemund. I find it very interesting, and it seems to be the webpage with more detailed information about Bartolomeu Dias' voyage in the internet.

Furthermore I was very surprised to see the small portion of a portuguese map of 1673, that shows - as you say in the text - Angra das Voltas to be south of Angra Pequena, and at a mouth of a river.

Until now, all that I have read identified Angra das Voltas with Luderitz Bay, and I thought that the double identification of Luderitz with Angra Pequena (small bay) and Angra das Voltas (bay of tacks), was probably due to the fact that there are two 'bays' in Luderitz, one small and open, the other narrow and long.

So your page awaked my enthusiasm and so I am writing to ask if you have more informations about this map: who is the author, were can we find it? Could you possibly send me a larger image of it?

I thank you very much in advance for any information you can give me,

Yours sincerely,

Ricardo Barbosa

Dear Madam, Sir,
I have just come back from my Christmas holiday in Namibia. Besides my work I study for a Masters degree in International Relations at an American University in the Netherlands and this course is about War and Diplomacy. I am very much interested in Namibia's colonial history and I am chosing the Battle of Waterberg as the topic of my final paper. I read an interesting piece on your site and I wonder if you can send me that article (with map drawings) by email. In case you have more, it would be even better. Please let me know if it is possible. Thanking you in advance.
Bart Eugelink


As ex SA we are planning a trip to Namibia in 08.  Not having visited Namibia your web page is a gem.  It is very informative, easy to navigate and fast enough not loose interest.  We want a planed trip but we also want to retain independence and you site gives very real information. The information on safety is very sound.


Many thanks


John Gregg



I want to purchase a copy of the website information.  How do I go about it and what is the cost involved?




Mariétte Venter

Greetings. Could you please send me the references from which you obtained the detailed dinosaur track measurement information that is listed on your website?
NJ Stevens
Ohio University
Just curious.. your history pages are very well written.  Did you write them yourself?  I really enjoy reading them as they have more detailed military information than some other places.

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