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Grunau and Noordoewer Namibia


The B1 is Namibia's main north-south road. It runs from Oshikango on the Angolan Border some 1520km to the Namibia / South African Border for the Western Cape at Noordower. Cape Town lays a further 685km south.

Grunau Village


  Grunau   is more of a small settlement at the side of the rail track situated about 140km north of Noordoewer, where the junction with the B3 road takes you 160km to the Namibia / South Africa Border at Ariamsvlei and on to the other regions of South Africa. The location of Grunau makes it a convenient and popular place to over-night. It also serves as a good spring-board for

visiting the Fish River Canyon. It's about 100km drive to the Resort at Ai-Ais. There are limited vehicle repair facilities in Grunau and it's not a place to go shopping, so you should top up with provisions in a major town before departing on your journey.


Road Distances from Grunau

Cape Town Katima Keetmanshoop Springbok Swakopmund Windhoek
832 / 517 1901 / 1181 157 / 97 274 / 170 997 / 619 639 / 397

Noordoewer Namibia Border Post


Road Distances from Noordoewer

Cape Town Katima Keetmanshoop Springbok Swakopmund Windhoek
685 / 426 1997 / 1273 304 / 189 126 / 78 1162 / 722 799 / 496


The Bridge over the Orange River

The bridge over the Orange River

Namibia Immigration Post

Namibia Immigration Post

General Location of Grunau / Noordoewer

Karas Region Grunau

2744'S - 1823'E

Population below 500

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Fish River Canyon

Naute Dam Resort

Services 4U



The high cliffs on the south side of the river shine through a variety of shades of blues and reds during sunrise or sunset. Temperatures here are usually warm, 50c is not uncommon in the summer months.


Reed Hut

Reed Hut

If you're planning a canoe or rafting trip, take the advice of your tour leader with regards to how you should be equipped. As a small border town Noordoewer makes for a popular over night stop

for road weary travellers. There are fuel stations, limited repair facilities, but no banks or Bureau de Change. On your left hand side driving north you will see a small township in which many of the huts and houses have been built from river reeds.


About 80kms north of Noordoewer you will see on the west side of the road what appears to be a lake in the middle of the desert. In reality this is a salt pan giving a mirage effect. Even when you are quite close to the 'lake' the shiny layer of salt deposits on the sand reflect the blue sky. It looks just like a lake of water. Even if you are driving a 4x4, don't try driving across the salt pan. Your vehicle tracks would make the pan look ugly. Plus, only a couple of centimetres below the surface lays a nice deep layer of black mud, into which your vehicle will sink and will need assistance to get free.


Welcome to Namibia

A mirage Lake

Mirage Lake

No -its water but dried salt crystals

No - it's not water, but dried salt crystals 


Attractions in the Grunau and Noordoewer Districts

Ai-Ai Hot Springs Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort offers an ideal stay over right along-side the Fish River at the lower end of the Canyon. Accommodation ranges from luxury apartments to shaded camp sites with water and power The resort is closed during the summer (and rainy season ) months owing to the heat and possibility of flash flooding. Time Budget 4-6hr+ ►►
Fish River Canyon Fish River Canyon is 2nd only to the Grand Canyon in size and is one of  'Africa's Must Sees'. Here you can see where the waters of the Fish River have, over a period of 1,000 million years cut through the surrounding hard rock to a depth of over 550 meters. There are sections of the canyon that are about 27km in width. There is a NWR camp site at Hobas.

Time budget 2hrs+  ►►


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