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Namibia National Anthem & National Symbols


Namibia National Flag

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Namibia National Anthem & National Symbols


National Anthem of Namibia

  Anthem of The African Union
Namibia land of the brave

Freedom fight we have won

Glory to their bravery

Whose blood waters our freedom


We give our love loyalty

Together in unity

Contrasting beautiful Namibia

NAMIBIA our country


Beloved land

of Savannahs

Hold high the banner of liberty



NAMIBIA our country





Namibia's Unknown Soldier


Namibia's Unknown Soldier

  Let us all unite


Let us all unite and celebrate together

The victories won for our liberation

Let us dedicate ourselves to rise together

to defend our liberty and unity


O Sons and Daughters of Africa

Flesh of the sun and Flesh of the sky

Let us make Africa the Tree of Life


Let us all unite and sing together

To uphold the bonds that frame our destiny

Let us dedicate ourselves to fight together

For lasting peace and justice on earth


O Sons and Daughters of Africa

Flesh of the sun and Flesh of the sky

Let us make Africa the Tree of Life


Let us all unite and work together

To uphold our rights and light the cause of freedom

Let us dedicate ourselves to work together

To build up our strength in unity and peace

O Sons and Daughters of Africa

Flesh of the sun and Flesh of the sky

Let us make Africa the Tree of Life


Let us all unite and toil together

To give the best we have to Africa

The cradle of mankind and found of culture

Our pride and hope at break of dawn


O Sons and Daughters of Africa

Flesh of the sun and Flesh of the sky

Let us make Africa the Tree of Life


National Flag National Flag

The National Flag is a symbol of our struggle for national unity. It symbolizes peace, unity and a common loyalty to Namibia. The National Flag represents the nation in every aspect.



  • The sun symbolize life and energy. The color gold represents warmth and the color of our plains and the Namib Desert.
  • Blue symbolizes the Namibian sky, the Atlantic Ocean, our marine resources and the importance of rain and water.
  • Red represents the Namibian people, their heroism and their determination to build a future of equal opportunity for all.
  • White refers to peace and unity
  • Green symbolizes Namibia's vegetation and agricultural resources.

President's Flag President's Flag

The flag of Namibia's President represents the supreme authority of the Head of State and Chief Executive and is flown to indicate his presence. The flag is also flown on the President's car. The flag is rectangular with three triangles in the colors - blue, gold and green. The gold is charged with the Coat of Arms. The use of the President's Flag is restricted to Namibia. When the President travels to other countries only the National Flag is used.


National Coast Arms National Coast Of Arms

The Coat of Arms represents Namibia and its people. It is also the official emblem of the Government Service as a statute body. The Coat of Arms is therefore depicted on official stationary, used by public servants.


Various national symbols are represented on the Coat of Arms. The National Flag is reproduced on the shield. The two animals and the plant on the Coat of Arms are used symbolically. The African Fish Eagle has excellent vision


and is thus a symbol of the farsightedness of our country's leaders. The Oryx antelope is renowned for its courage, elegance and pride.


The Welwitschia mirabilis, a unique desert plant, is a fighter for survival and is therefore a symbol of our traditions and the diamond shapes to our natural resources.


The motto Unity, Liberty, Justice enshrines the key principles embodied in the Constitution.

This page was produced with the cooperation of:

Text reproduced with the kind permission of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

The Namibia National Heritage Council

Photographs: P1.

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